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Quadcopter Drone

Rocky Mountain Videography

Preparation, Punctuality, Production

Welcome. We are proud to expand Grand County, Colorado's professional aerial photography industry. Our mission is to create timely and high-quality aerial footage to best serve your needs.

Service Offerings


Aerial Production- Silver

Our silver grade production is oriented towards clients requiring a more simple aerial production. It is our most affordable edited option.


Site Visit-

Our site visits are catered to the needs of realtors and construction companies. With our Efficient Footage Guarantee, clients can expect an organized package within 24 business hours of filming.


Aerial Production- Gold

Our gold grade production is currently our highest end offering. Oriented towards clients in need of a complex marketing video, you can expect a beautiful aerial video combined with an assortment of still shots. 

Video Editing-

Send us your raw footage, and we will transform it into a studio grade production that suits your needs.

Proudly Insured By

Part 107 Certified

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